Аурат — Делая мир чище, а вашу жизнь качественнее

About company


All the capital’s residents and guests and also residents from many regions of Russia have to do with this enterprise’s products daily (and many times!) in one or another manner since these products are water flowing out of the faucets in every house, in every flat. More specifically, not water proper that is taken, naturally, from multiple near-Moscow reservoirs, but rather that that makes it acceptable for drinking, good and fresh: special chemical substances – coagulants by means of which water is treated before it enters the water pipes.

Information about activities

Coagulants are the most familiar and at the same time most “bulk” part of the production program of JSC "Aurat". They are produced here in dozens of thousands of tons annually. In addition, the enterprise manufactures chemical compounds of precious metals, complex chemical reagents, drugs’ and medicinal preparations’ components – altogether about 400 kinds of descriptions of chemical products.

The plant’s products are used in the basic branches of the domestic industry: mechanical engineering and motor-car construction (to manufacture internal-combustion engines) radio electronics and instrument making, in the industry of communication facilities. They meet the needs of new lines of science and engineering, are used in manufacturing consumer commodities (household tele- and radio equipment, watches, jewelry , etc.), assist in solving ecological problems in the production of medicinal preparations, including those to treat oncological diseases.

The high quality of management, efficient production and its stable growth assure to the enterprise’s products competitiveness at the world level and to the joint-stock company good records.

JSC “Aurat” is one of the few Moscow enterprises that entered the market with confidence and demonstrated how one could achieve desired results with the availability of strong character and sound professional persistence relying only on one’s own resources.

Аурат — Делая мир чище, а вашу жизнь качественнее